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Budjism ATLAS

Maps are something that has been fascinating me since I was a child. I remember reading through various atlases even before I started school. At first it was maps with state borders, their capitals and flags that intrigued me. I would endlessly redraw them in my own notebooks. This went on during the elementary school days, until I started discovering for myself the world often found only in the pages of my drawings and scribbles. First high school trip (Budapest, with surrounding towns in Hungary) is what I use as a starting point for ‘collecting’ my travel experience ( spring of 2003), since I believe around that time I actually became aware of the things I was exploring. Since then I have visited 70+ cities/towns/villages in 29 countries, mainly in Europe (one African and one, at least geographical Asian country). Travelling and ‘collecting’ destination has since been one of my passions.

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