Faithful town on a rock – Petrovaradin

Petrovaradin is a small town, part of the agglomeration of Novi Sad. It is located in the north part of Serbia and it borders my hometown of Sremski Karlovci. Its name already suggests a vibrant and multicultural history. If you break down the syllables of the name, you get the following meanings – in Latin, petra means rock, var is Hungarian for city, while in Turkish din means faith. Some translate it into ‘a town on the rock that is strong as faith’.

Petrovaradin offers many interesting places to visit and among the most famous ones is the historical Lower town. Lower town, or better know as Gradić (Little town), with its narrow, winding cobblestone streets and beautiful buildings carries the charm of old times. It is part of the fortified complex built between 1692 and 1780, that also includes the well know Upper fortress. Throughout the history traces of many cultures and nations could be found here, going back to Stone age, continuing with Celts, Romans, Huns, Avars, Byzantines, Hungarians, Serbians, Ottomans and its builders the Austrians.

Gradić is the home to the oldest church in the municipality of Novi Sad. Church of St George started being constructed in 1701. On the front facade there are sculptures of St. Francis Xavier and St. John of Nepomuk as well as relief of Mary with Jesus and plaque of Croatian king Tomislav with coat of arms of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia. Church serves also as a high catholic school in 18th century and still is cultural centre for local Croatian community.

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                                                           Saint George church 

Going downhill from the church, one will find him/herself in Štrosmajerova street. The street is named after bishop Josip Juraj Štrosmajer who worked as a vicar in Petrovaradin, St George church in 1838. It is a small street, full of colours and incredibly beautiful details.

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The street hides one special place as well. It is home to Dublin cafe, which in fact is basically a pub. The place itself is located in a cellar, which adds to its mysteriousness. The not so fancy look at the entrance is more than compensated with the colorful and random decorations on the inside. You can find pretty much anything on the walls, from posters of long forgotten bands, football supporters emblems, a calendar on which February has 31 days, bunch of photographs of unknown people, to chairs painted in Irish flag colors, hanging from the ceiling. At the end of the pub there is a pool table. And of course there is good beer, with inevitable Guinness. Sometimes concerts are taking place in it, which is quit awesome unless it is during summer, when temperatures are 30+ degrees, and the place becomes too hot to be in.

The main street of the Lower town is Belgrade street. It starts from the Rainbow bridge and continues all the way to the Belgrade gate. Yet another place, packed with old and mesmerizing details

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