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Maps are something that has been fascinating me since I was a child. I remember reading through various atlases even before I started school. At first it was maps with state borders, their capitals and flags that intrigued me. I would endlessly redraw them in my own notebooks. This went on during the elementary school days, until I started discovering for myself the world often found only in the pages of my drawings and scribbles. First high school trip (Budapest, with surrounding towns in Hungary) is what I use as a starting point for ‘collecting’ my travel experience ( spring of 2003), since I believe around that time I actually became aware of the things I was exploring. Since then I have visited 70+ cities/towns/villages in 29 countries, mainly in Europe (one African and one, at least geographical Asian country). Travelling and ‘collecting’ destination has since been one of my passions.

Currently I am preparing one, big, Google map, with all the places I have visited and brief info about them. But, since this takes time, right now I am sharing with you some of the more simple maps I have made so far.

Basically, this map has all the countries I have visited (at least part of Morocco is visible). I have divided them into my home country, Serbia, and those that I have visited three and more times and those I traveled to only once or twice.

*Cyprus is considered by various sources as both European (more culturally wise) and as Western Asian (geographical emphasis). Well anyways, that’s closest I’ve been to the Asian continent.

Distance map

This map shows the most distant places I have visited, in all directions and exact distance in kilometers, from the town where I live, Sremski Karlovci.

* I am missing one travel, which is Sremski Karlovci – Nicosia (1591.47 km), since this map has been made before the trip ti Cyprus and I can’t seem to find the on-line software to edit it.

Map of Italy

After the neighboring countries of Serbia (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia)Italy comes third on the list of most visited places with 5 trips. Most visited towns are its capital, Rome and Sora (Frosinone region). Around 20 cities/municipalities/communes visited (for at least one afternoon).

provinces of Greece

I have visited Greece only on two occasions, but both times I had a week to actively explore it. First time around the focus was more on Athens and historical sites nearby it, such as Corinth Canal, Epidaurus Theatre and ancient town of Mycenae. Some 12 years later, focus was on the north of country, visiting Thessaloniki, Trikala and Kalambaka, where famous Meteora monasteries are.


I had a plan to visit at least one country outside of Europe, before my 31st Bday. I manged to do so with visiting Morocco, which is still the only county outside the ‘old continent’ (honestly, Cyprus doesn’t really count).

As far as my future map ‘collecting’ is concerned I would like to visit far North and East of Europe, one of the native English speaking countries and at least two more continents.

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