Brežice – A quick tour

Brežice - castle

Before coming to Brežice we were visiting the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Despite, being in different countries, the two towns are  quite near. Means of travel was the train. In order to get to the desired destination, we had to change trains, even dough there was 2 stop altogether. We thought it would be easy to find our way around the town from the train station upon arriving, I mean it is a small town in the end, isn’t it? Usually how it goes in these situations, some 30min later, we ended up in something that looked like a remote countryside. It did look nice, but not quite what I expected. Brežice, Slovenia

At some point a road sign gave away the location of town town and we headed that way. Initial impression was something I imagined of a Slovenian town, everything clean and tidy, nicely arranged, even one of the trash cans fitted perfectly behind a shrub cut for this use. As nice as it is, sometimes places like this can be quite boring. Brežice managed to keep our attention and I would single out 3 main things to do or see in it (and couple of additional ones).

Brežice Castle 

The main attraction of the town. The castle was built in 16th century, while in 1949 the castle became the home of the Lower Sava Valley Museum. The place was completely empty when we entered it, we even managed exploring the upper level of it, without seeing a single person.  the museum divides its holdings into archeological, ethnological and historical exhibitions. There is also a gallery focusing on foreign and domestic painting.  Nothing too exciting really, but still an interesting building for a small town.

Brežice castle

The Water tower

Most of Brežice is flat and the Water tower sticks out immediately upon entering the town. During the 1914, the tower was built precisely because of the lack of elevations and insufficient water pressure to supply the town. The tower was modeled in the form of German towns, while the upper part of it reminds of defense tower. It is like someone played ‘tower defense’ game in the town. Nowadays, modern pumps do its job, while the tower serves as a bar. Since it is quite small, things are divided into levels. First one with the bar counter, second a sitting place, while the ground level is a bathroom. Sounds like a cool idea, and it would be if there weren’t incredible stench coming out of the bathroom (looks like it was the sewage issues) and lack of anything interesting in the bar’s menu. Luckily they had a yard as well, so we sat there, being tired of searching for another place. Bottom line, the Water tower – cool, the bar – not cool.

Brežice Water tower

Brežice Youth Centre

It looked to me that this was the heart of the town. I knew about it and to be honest it is the reason I have heard about the town in the first place. Established in 1997, the centre offers a programme of educational and cultural activities for the the youth but for other age groups as well. The place is surrounded by a big park which is a beginning of a Fairy Tale walk around the town. The center has a bar, which prides itself with 100+ types of beers (something that is apparently common in most of the youth centers I visited around Europe). Overall structure is quite big, numerous rooms for activities (concert hall, sports hall,  playing room for children, conference room, computer room and god knows what else that I did not manage to see. They also have sleeping rooms for groups that work there for longer periods. All of the rooms have a name after an animal, an idea that we implemented in the youth center where I work (both centers are awarded the Quality Label from Council of Europe).

Fairy tale walk Brežice

Youth center BrežicePhoto taken from web page

Additionally there is the main street of Brežice, Gasa street, Sava river (in its smaller form, since it spring out in Slovenia) and some churches and other buildings with interesting architecture. All in all it is worth visiting the town for an afternoon tour.

Main street Brežice

Brežice - Sava river

Brežice building

Brežice church

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