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Green and innovative – Parks of Pančevo

Pančevo, Serbia, May 2014.Pančevo is a town in south-east part of Vojvodina, Serbia. The town is often known for its pollution and heavy industry that surrounds it. Upon visiting the town, I was pleasantly surprised about the landscape of it. What I liked the most, were out-of-the-box ideas for park and other public space decorations. Take a look on your own. Continue reading Green and innovative – Parks of Pančevo

Old vs New – Skopje

I visited Macedonia, in April 2014. I attended a seminar in the capital of the country – Skopje. Before witnessing the town myself, I heard about a project to rebuild buildings and monuments in it. Never really took it as something interesting or important. Oh boy, was I in for a surprise. It seems that new constructions and sculptures were popping up everywhere, so fast that even locals didn’t know what the hell is going on. Continue reading Old vs New – Skopje

Faithful town on a rock – Petrovaradin

Petrovaradin is a small town, part of the agglomeration of Novi Sad. It is located in the north part of Serbia and it borders my hometown of Sremski Karlovci. Its name already suggests a vibrant and multicultural history. If you break down the syllables of the name, you get the following meanings – in Latin, petra means rock, var is Hungarian for city, while in Turkish din means faith. Some translate it into ‘a town on the rock that is strong as faith’. Continue reading Faithful town on a rock – Petrovaradin