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Rivers and towns of Europe vol.1

Danube, Serbia September, 2014.It has been some time, since my last blog post, some 9 months to be exact. One could say I was too busy, but in reality I think I just lacked proper motivation to continue what I have started. So I decided to end the break with a an easygoing post, reflecting on the rivers I have visited around Europe, during my travels. Continue reading

Colourful and inspiring – Street art of Belgrade

For a long time, I found Belgrade to be tooBudjism Belgrade mural
hectic and confusing, and consequently I avoided exploring the city, traveling to it only when I was supposed to meet with friends. After some time, list of friends of people from Belgrade grew, but also work led me to, more or less, regularly visit Serbia’s capital.  Not long after, I felt comfortable wondering around it and first thing that drew my attention was the street art .

Continue reading

Green and innovative – Parks of Pančevo

Pančevo, Serbia, May 2014.Pančevo is a town in south-east part of Vojvodina, Serbia. The town is often known for its pollution and heavy industry that surrounds it. Upon visiting the town, I was pleasantly surprised about the landscape of it. What I liked the most, were out-of-the-box ideas for park and other public space decorations. Take a look on your own. Continue reading