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Rivers and towns of Europe vol.1

It has been some time, since my last blog post, some 9 months to be exact. One could say I was too busy, but in reality I think I just lacked proper motivation to continue what I have started. So I decided to end the break with a an easygoing post, reflecting on the rivers I have visited around Europe, during my travels. Continue reading Rivers and towns of Europe vol.1

Town of volunteers and multiculturality – Manresa

ManresaFirst guest author on Budjism blog is Julija Milovanović, who is currently volunteering and living in Manresa, Spain, a beautiful town I had the chance to visit in 2015. Following text is exploring her first impression about the environment where she has spent almost 8 months.  Continue reading Town of volunteers and multiculturality – Manresa

Old vs New – Skopje

I visited Macedonia, in April 2014. I attended a seminar in the capital of the country – Skopje. Before witnessing the town myself, I heard about a project to rebuild buildings and monuments in it. Never really took it as something interesting or important. Oh boy, was I in for a surprise. It seems that new constructions and sculptures were popping up everywhere, so fast that even locals didn’t know what the hell is going on. Continue reading Old vs New – Skopje