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End of the month view – April

16790983823_d3c794122f_oWhile ago I planned to start describing one part of my garden at the end of the each month. Well, apart from the first and only post, I didn’t really move from there. Not so long ago I stumbled upon one gardening blog, which started a trend of reviewing the garden at the end of the each month. Anyone can join in with their review, and a lot of people actually do so, sharing their blog posts in the comments of the original poster of the view. So I thought to my self, this is what I wanted to write about anyways, but in this way I just might push myself to write about the garden on a regular basis. Let’s see if I manage.

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Daffodils,hyacinth and tulips – Gardening through the year

Budjism - gardeningI have been fascinated with gardening ever since my young age. Most of the things I learned, I learned on my own, by experimenting. Every year I tend to cultivate new and for me still unknown plants. Little by little, I managed to expand my garden space and conquer new land for my random plants. I will try to get you closer to it, by describing one isolated part of the garden and plants which grow there through the year. Continue reading