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Maps are something that has been fascinating me since I was a child. I remember reading through various atlases even before I started school. At first it was maps with state borders, their capitals and flags that intrigued me. I would endlessly redraw them in my own notebooks. This went on during the elementary school days, until I started discovering for myself the world often found only in the pages of my drawings and scribbles. First high school trip (Budapest, with surrounding towns in Hungary) is what I use as a starting point for ‘collecting’ my travel experience ( spring of 2003), since I believe around that time I actually became aware of the things I was exploring. Since then I have visited 70+ cities/towns/villages in 29 countries, mainly in Europe (one African and one, at least geographical Asian country). Travelling and ‘collecting’ destination has since been one of my passions.

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Alternative guide to Prague


Prague is a well know tourist destination in Central Europe. It is the fifth most visited European city after London, Paris, Istanbul and Rome, with more than 6.4 millions of visitors annually. It is home to famous Prague castle, The Charles bridge and astronomical clock at the old town square. All of this and more you can find on any better web site or hear from number of tour guides. But what do you do there in the free time between visits of the famous sites, where do you eat and drink and what is beyond the historical city center? Continue reading Alternative guide to Prague

Brežice – A quick tour

Brežice - castle

Before coming to Brežice we were visiting the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Despite, being in different countries, the two towns are  quite near. Means of travel was the train. In order to get to the desired destination, we had to change trains, even dough there was 2 stop altogether. We thought it would be easy to find our way around the town from the train station upon arriving, I mean it is a small town in the end, isn’t it? Usually how it goes in these situations, some 30min later, we ended up in something that looked like a remote countryside. It did look nice, but not quite what I expected.  Continue reading Brežice – A quick tour

Random world of Sremski Karlovci, travel and gardens

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